It’s time our utilities worked for us. It’s time for change.

Solely Endorsed by Democrats, Greens, Teachers, Workers, Farmer-Labor, and dozens of experts… including Former PUD Commissioners! View a full list of endorsements.

The Public Utility District is a public utility owned by you, the residents of Thurston County. It is responsible for operating 303 water systems in Thurston County, and often acts as a satellite management agency, helping about 10 other public and private water system owners in diagnosing and resolving issues and improving their own systems. With over 8,400 direct customers, and over 600 via outside systems, the PUD serves over 9,000 customers combined.

This campaign’s vision for the PUD includes not only improving our existing systems, but consolidating other area systems run by the county. Also, providing new services, such as high-speed broadband internet, will be a priority of this campaign.

We will face millions of dollars in outside spending and entrenched political opposition. They will seek to protect the status quo of private for-profit monopolies, an act which also serves their own financial interests. Corporate money and billionaire donors have no place in our democracy. This campaign will only be accepting small contributions from regular working people.

That’s where you come in…

The success of this campaign will depend entirely on a grassroots movement to win. Can we count on you?

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Meet the Candidate

Hi, I’m Andrew Saturn, and I’m running to be your Public Utility Commissioner for Thurston County, Washington (District 1, non-partisan).

I grew up in rural Ohio. My father was a CWA Union Typesetter, and my mother worked for Highlights for Children, an educational children’s magazine. They taught me the value of hard work and taking care of others in your community. After college, where I studied engineering and worked in the IT department, I moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue a career in design. I’ve lived between Seattle and Portland for the past decade, and plan to stay here in Thurston County.

I’m a member of a labor union, IWW IU #560 (Olympia), currently working as a freelance software coder and graphic designer, with varied interests and hobbies ranging from the maker community to restoring vintage motorcycles. I also am a founding member of the Olympia Printing co-op, where I serve as Treasurer-Secretary.

With my engineering and problem-solving background, I have the skills and fresh ideas necessary to help modernize the Public Utility District, lowering costs and overhead—and utility bills—while increasing efficiency, service levels, and quality of life for everyone in the county.

Issues & Policy Positions

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