Thank You

Going into the final ballot count tonight, we’re already at 42% of the vote, with more votes than many other county-wide races. This is also a better performance than both 2012 campaigns for the Public Power Initiative and for Steve Fossum for PUD.

We went up against a billion dollar foreign-owned fossil fuel company and the reactionary establishment corporate sellouts backing them. This included County Auditor and Elections Official, Mary Hall, who worked for our opponent’s campaign and helped spread rumors.

Early on, we faced sabotage from the WA State Democrats leadership, who broke their contract with our campaign and revoked our voter database access without any reason.

We also faced abusive treatment from the Thurston County Democrats leadership, even though the party’s membership voted overwhelmingly to endorse our campaign.

With only a handful of volunteers, no money from corporations or lobbyists, no help from the Democrats, and the odds stacked against us, we nearly unseated a 6-year incumbent who ran a campaign based entirely on lies and rumors.

We ran a clean campaign based around telling the voters the truth, and sharing solidly socialist ideas in a rural county. We out-raised our opponent 3-to-1 with just small contributions from regular people.

The take away from this campaign: public power from renewable sources and fiber internet are possible, and change is coming. The way to get this change is to walk away from political parties like the Democrats and their entrenched insiders, grifters, strategists and consultants.

Stay strong and keep fighting. We encourage our supporters to join Puget Sound Socialist Party.

The struggle continues…